10 places that could be the setting of a horror novel

A terrifying plot and a great setting make for an excellent horror novel. Thousands of creative minds are put to work to craft the perfect engaging environment, and the writers have admitted to watching dozens of movies to get their creative juices flowing. But what about those weird, beyond creepy and uncanny sites that already exist?!

Below is a list of 10 places around the world that would be perfect as a setting for a horror novel.

10/10 Ephesus, Turkey

Known as one of the seven wonders of the world, Ephesus had a large harbor that could accommodate ships of all sizes. The port was a significant source of income for the city.

The town became a ghost town after silting in the harbor reduced the number of ships entering until none entered.

9/10 Battleship Island, Japan

Hashima Island was nicknamed “Battleship” because of its shape, like a battleship.

It was once one of the most populated places in the world, but has since become a ghost town after the mines were closed and all residents were evacuated from the area.

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8/10 The strange ghost town of Centralia, Pennsylvania


In 1962, the city council’s decision to burn waste in a fifty-foot-deep pit resulted in a fire that has burned for more than six decades. Apparently the flames connected with the coal mines below the town.

After twenty years of the fire still burning, trees began to die, people began to pass out from the monoxide in the air, and a sinkhole nearly claimed the life of a twelve-year-old boy.

The fire is still burning today, and experts say that there is enough coal under the city for the fire to last for about 250 years.

7/10 Island of the Dolls (Isla de las Muñecas)

Trouble began on La Isla de las Muñecas in the 1950s when a local native, Julian, found a dead girl at the bottom of the waterway. Julian started seeing ghosts and he and his wife built an altar to appease the girl’s broken spirit.

When that didn’t work, Julian started hanging the dolls from trees, ropes, buildings and everywhere. He believed that the dolls were protecting him.

In 2001, Julian was found dead in the exact same place where he found the girl. The relative claims that he was drawn there by the spirit of the girl.

The dolls are still there today, all old, many decayed, others broken. Many tourists on the Island of Dolls claim to have seen the dolls move their eyes and even heard them speak.

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6/10 A dead but beautiful forest—Deadvlei, Namibia

Deadvlei, which means “dead swamp”, is a dead oasis located in the Namibian forest.

The oasis is a white clay bowl surrounded by very tall orange-sunny dunes that contrast greatly with the sky, giving the environment a very fantasy-like feel.

The area also has over 600-year-old, dead and sun-blackened trees. The area is so hot that tree roots have been forced out in search of moisture.

5/10 Catacombs of Paris

In the 17th century, when concerns arose about cemetery overcrowding, the underground mines beneath the city of Paris were turned into a cemetery and are now home to more than six million remains, including Napoleon’s.

4/10 Alley of whale bones in Siberia

The Alley of Whale Bones is said to have been created over 600 years ago and was a sacred place of worship where members of the local tribe gathered to slaughter their meat.

Others say it was nothing more than a meeting place where local hunters slaughtered their catch.

The presence of various whale bones on the ground gives it a disgusting appearance. There are also a number of old pits with decayed pieces of whale meat.

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3/10 Danakil Depression — The Gate of Hell

As the three tectonic plates slowly moved away from each other, the Danakil Depression was formed, part of the Afar Triangle in northeastern Ethiopia.

Danakil is located 100 meters below sea level and covers a large area of ​​124 miles by 31 miles. The dead insects and birds that are often found around Danakil often give the feeling that you are entering a ghost town.

Many theorize that sometime in the distant future, as the tectonic plates move apart, the area will be submerged in water.

2/10 Turkmenistan’s Gate of Hell

Fueled by an underground supply of methane, the Darvaza gas crater, located in the state of Turkmenistan, has been burning for more than fifty years.

This unusual place was created by accident when a natural gas field was ignited in 1971.

Tourists have reported that at night, attracted by the glow of the flames, spiders unknowingly offer themselves to the hungry fire. This eerie place must contribute to the place’s reputation as the “GATE OF HELL”.

1/10 Gryfino Forest: Crooked Forest, Poland

Currently, there is a huge group of pine trees in northwestern Poland, more than fifty of which have curved trunks, i.e., the stumps are turned upward at a 90-degree angle, which bends into a J shape, then grows upward from there.

Pine trees were planted by some peasants in the thirties of the last century, and the resulting wood was used to make furniture.

It is speculated that the causes of the crooked condition of these trees are the gravitational force around the area, heavy snow storms and even aliens.

There is a popular theory that the original planters deliberately changed the shape of these trees to create naturally curved wood for furniture and ships.

However, since the original planters have not been located, the story remains a theory.

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