10 great books that would make even better movies

Books differ from other creative media, such as television and film, because they allow the story to be told in much more detail. Novelists can create stories with expansive universes and plot lines without having to keep in mind certain things that filmmakers do, such as running time or other cinematic details.

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Many book lovers shy away from film adaptations of their favorite books because they fear that the story will have to sacrifice its constituent parts. With recent successful book adaptations, fans may be more open to the process. Although some rights to the novella have been optioned or are currently being developed for TV or film adaptations, no specific release dates or cast announcements have been made public.

10/10 Tasha Suri’s Jasmine’s Throne would be an elite fantasy film

Jasmine's Throne by Tasha Suri

Jasmin’s throne by Tasha Suri is an epic fantasy unlike any other. Inspired by the myths of India, an exiled princess and a hidden priestess on opposite political sides form a tenuous alliance to overthrow their country’s sadistic ruler and change the course of their empire as they knew it.

This story is incredibly detailed in terms of world building and complex characters. Fantasy stories at this level have often been very good as movies, so it makes sense that in the right hands, an adaptation Jasmin’s throne could perform at the same level.

9/10 Schwab’s Vicious VE would be a twisted sci-fi adventure

Vicious by VE Schwab

Spiteful follows two genius college roommates who experiment on themselves and give themselves powers. Unfortunately, these two friends become bitter enemies: one is hailed as a hero and the other cast in the shadows as a villain. What follows is a super-powered tale of revenge filled with death and shady behavior.

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The story is an exciting journey with morally questionable characters with hidden motives and mysterious pasts. With the high popularity of superhero stories and the growing interest in darker and grittier stories with a more critical look at the actions of supposed heroes, a film adaptation of Vicious would fit into this current area of ​​pop culture interest.

8/10 Erin Morgenstern’s Starless Sea shouldn’t be a movie, but it would be a masterpiece

The Starless Sea Erin Morgenstern

Not all books are necessarily intended for adaptation. Author Erin Morgenstern wrote The A sea without stars to be, in her own words, “unfilmable”. It’s easy to see why. The story follows a graduate student who discovers a text containing a story from his childhood, which draws him into a web of intrigue that ends in a magical library where the stories literally come to life.

This novel is a celebration of storytelling and is more accurately described as many stories sharing the same binding. Therefore, it would be a notoriously tricky story to adapt because removing one element completely upends the novel. While A sea without stars the film will probably never come to fruition, it would be nice to see it.

7/10 Ellie Marney’s None Shall Sleep would be a fast-paced crime thriller

None Shall Sleep Ellie Marney

Nobody will sleep is perfect for the crime-centric moment pop culture is experiencing right now. The novel is set in the 1980s and follows two teenagers, a surviving serial killer and a candidate for US Marshal, who are recruited by the FBI to interview teenage killers. The teenagers are then drawn into an active FBI case from which they will not emerge unscathed.

The novel is beautifully creepy and balances well with the illogical concept of teenagers working with the FBI. The target audience for a possible adaptation is incredibly rich, and with the popularity of crime and true crime series, the film from Nobody will sleep it would be a gory and weird hit.

6/10 Lana Harper’s Payback is a witch would be the perfect magical romantic comedy

Paybacks A Witch by Lana Harper

Payback is a witch is a wonderful camping and spooky romance novel. In the novel, two daughters from different magical families team up to take revenge on a man who has harmed them by working in collusion. In a magical competition, the main characters compete to dethrone an evil man. And, as a bonus, they find love in unexpected places along the way.

This novel is ripe for adaptation. Payback is a witch has the same stylistic elements as a classic rom-com, with the magical appeal of classic Halloween movies. Combining those two factors would make a fantastic film. A movie like this would be very good as a Netflix original.

5/10 Mistakes Are Made would be a breath of fresh air for the romantic comedy film genre

Meryl Wilsner made mistakes

Mistakes were made is a romance novel that has become known as the “MILF Book” in romance circles. The novel follows two women: a student and her friend’s mother. The two have a one-night stand without knowing who the other is. They capture romantic feelings despite the many obstacles they face as a couple.

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Film adaptation Mistakes were made would be a film that would be unique among the occasionally repetitive plots of mainstream romance films. The novel has many details that would translate well to a romantic film format, including a secret relationship and dramatic twists.

4/10 Madeline Miller’s Achilles Song would have been an Oscar-winning movie

Madeline Miller's Achilles Song

Many bookworms think A song about Achilles to be a modern classic. Madeline Miller’s retelling of the story of Achilles and Patroclus from Iliad pulls back the curtain on Greek heroes and epic mythological battles. It reveals human nature and the love between these two tragic Greeks.

Greek mythology has always been relevant in popular culture. As a result, there is a wide audience for a potential adaptation, especially one that makes the original text as terrifying as it is Iliad more accessible to casual consumers. Song aboutAchilles balances perfectly classic Greek epics and a beautiful love story.

3/10 Tracy Deonn’s Legendborn would make a stunning fantasy film

Legendborn Tracy Deonn

Born in legend is an inventive fantasy novel that creates a fantastic magical system that incorporates the legends of King Arthur. The series follows a young girl, Bree, who discovers a secret society of Arthurian descendants. The series excellently explores racism and corruption in power structures.

Film adaptation Born in legend has the potential to completely reinvent the way people interact with fantasy. In addition to being a stellar fantasy, the novel raises interesting questions about power. On screen, that perspective can reach a wider audience and gain a larger and well-deserved following.

2/10 Delilah Green Don’t Care Ashley Herring Blake would be a fun and honest movie

Delilah Green is not interested in design

Delilah Green doesn’t care is a classic rom-com with lots of heart and self-introspection. In the novel, a jaded outsider returns to her hometown for her estranged half-sister’s wedding and hooks up with one of her best friends, with whom she has a tense past, as they navigate wedding shenanigans and confront their pasts.

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This novel balances the premise and setting of a classic romantic comedy by including complex and flawed characters and discussing how the past affects one’s future approach to life. This mix will play very well in a cinematic format and will appeal to both casual and serious viewers.

1/10 Alexis Hall’s A Lady for a Duke would be a groundbreaking Regency romance

Lady for Duke Alexis Hall

In addition to all the love regency shows such as Bridgerton, adaptation Lady for the duke it would have a large audience as the second historical British romance series. This Regency-era romance follows a trans woman who faked her death at the Battle of Waterloo in order to live authentically as a woman. Years later, she reunites with her withdrawn and traumatized best friend, who doesn’t recognize her. But while she helps him heal, they fall in love.

This historical fiction novel focuses on love, but also has exciting action such as sword fights and important discussions about healing from trauma. Film adaptation Lady for the duke it would be a very well-rounded film with a unique story and essential portrayal.

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