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World Sports That Offer Trophies Most individuals who’ve competed in the top categories of their sporting sections have had the pleasure of receiving an award or trophy to mark their achievements. It’s a matter of great satisfaction to obtain such accolades, either independently or within a group. However, as normal, everyday sportspeople we may only dream of emulating the world’s sporting heroes and lifting the kinds of trophies listed below. The first trophy to be discussed is going to be the Warner Trophy. It is shocking to contemplate that some of the world’s most played sporting trophies were created without the help of the three dimensional equipment of today. This statement is very true for the Borg Warner award that was initially given to the victor of the prestigious 1936 Indy five hundred race. It is a genuine thing of beauty in its right and features the faces of drivers that have defeated their rivals around two hundred laps of the Speedway. America’s Cup cannot be left unmentioned. Sport enthusiasts interested in yachting all over the world truly comprehend the great honor attached in claiming the Cup of America. Skilled teams from nations including Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and the United States of America get together to contend for this major award annually. This competition that attains has existed for more than one hundred and fifty years is normally done in the water bodies via a series of high speed obstacles with the ultimate goal of crowning the winner who emerges from the competitors available.
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The older golfing Claret Jug has inspired some of the market leaders in three dimensional trophy making. Achieved golfers such as Walter Hagen and Darren Clarke have held aloft this highly coveted trophy piece. They had to be givens a replica as the original is stored under lock and key at the popular St. Andrews golf club driver winners have been forced to go home with the duplicate.
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The gold medal is, needless to say, quite different to the honors emphasized in this post. However, it is of value similar to other trophies and can even be better off to some world class athletes like Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis. It’s not impossible that skilled artisans using sophisticated three dimensional decoration engineering may design the Olympic medallions of the future. Fifa Global Cup also is an award to be revered. Sports lovers might remember the first Jules Rimet prize was offered in 1970 to the Brazilian nation. They certainly were permitted to maintain the trophy due to their continuing success in soccer. Nevertheless, Federation Internationale De Football Association later commissioned the design of a brand new prize, which now is identified as the World Cup. The England team as from 1966, till this day longs for the trophy as it was snatched from them and other countries like Spain have been winning lately. Every expert tennis player pictures they may not be lucky enough to acquire the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. But to experience this outstanding award they must confront competition from the kinds of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Andrew Murray. These are the players that have won the much coveted Wimbledon cup in the twenty first century.