The Air Conditioner That Solves a Range of Problems

Central air conditioning and window units are two of the most popular cooling products on the market because they serve most peoples’ needs. However, portable air conditioners have also become trendy because they can be adapted for many uses. The affordable products are also feature rich and ideal for smaller areas.

Units Include a Range of Features

Although a portable unit is compact and relatively inexpensive, it offers a lot of features and benefits. The standard model can be moved around on wheels and only uses a small portion of window area to vent hot air. Each unit typically includes a thermostat, automatic on/off setting, water evaporation system and sleep mode. The air conditioners also provide various fan speeds, auto restart options and dehumidifiers. A unit may also come with a remote and include a whisper mode that makes operation very quiet.

Portable Units Are Versatile

The customers who choose portable units often use them to solve problems. For instance, they may want to avoid the expense of central air but consider window units ugly. Some apartment windows are just too small for standard units. Portable A/C units provide just enough cooling for small offices. They are often used in vacation homes when owners are only in residence a few weeks a year. Many travelers pack portable units in their RV’s and then use them to cool down during hot weather.

Efficient Air Conditioners Take up Little Space

Portable units are ideal for efficiently cooling small spaces. They are also affordable when compared to other options. For instance, LG makes a compact 115 volt model that costs less than $500 and can cool and dehumidify 200 square feet. Haier offers a 10,000 BTU unit that air conditions up to 350 square feet and is available for about $400. Every air conditioner is small enough to be tucked neatly into a space near a window, where it is vented using an included hose. Some models even have heat settings, making them ideal for rooms that need extra warmth during the winter.

Customers searching for small, efficient cooling units often choose portable models in order to save space. The versatile air conditioners are budget friendly, include a range of features and are ideal for travelers.