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7 Reasons to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website A mobile site is essential for every business. As everyone is going the smart way, cell phones have become the most popular way to access the internet. Therefore, businesses need mobile friendly website designs because that’s where everyone is. The following are some reasons why mobile-friendly sites are vital: Most people own a smartphone
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80 percent of people access the internet via a smartphone. Approximately 1.2 billion people around the world access the net through smartphones. These gadgets are the main source of internet traffic, thus it is necessary to optimize your website for smartphones.
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Mobile creates traffic With around half of all web searches being done through mobile phones, mobile websites have become as crucial as desktop sites. Various surveys have indicated that people browse the internet via smartphones even when they’re engrossed in other tasks. Considering all these surveys, there’s never been a better time to switch to a mobile-friendly site. Simpler SEO strategy It is unnecessary to create a separate mobile site. Having the same site makes your SEO strategy easier. Including mobile-specific search terms like ‘nearby’ in your SEO strategy can be enough to cover your SEO efforts for both the mobile and main site. Users of mobile phones behave differently People who browse through mobile phones tend to have objectives that are different from those of people browsing through desktops. Mobile phone users usually want fast and straightforward information. Various studies have indicated that people are likely to make impulse purchases and shop more through mobile websites compared to desktop sites. This is why it is critical to optimize your website for various platforms so as to fulfill consumers’ demands. When your website is mobile-optimized, users will certainly buy easily. Brand interest If you give users a superb mobile experience, they will love your brand and visit your website again and again. People usually check out products on cell phones and then access the same website via desktops. You will create attraction and trust with site visitors if you give them an enhanced experience with a mobile-friendly site. Google is biased towards mobile sites If a site is not mobile-optimized, Google may consider it an invalid search result. Google ideology dictates that a website that isn’t mobile-optimized shouldn’t be listed in search results. Google’s aim is to improve search traffic mobile search traffic included. Mobile sites are crucial for social media marketing efforts Many people access social media on mobile devices instead of desktops. If your site isn’t mobile-optimized, it will severely affect your social network promotional campaigns because most conversions happen on mobile devices. To capitalize on your social media marketing strategy, it’s critical to have a well-designed mobile site.