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The Process Of Trademark Registration Owning a brand is a process that takes considerable efforts. To get full ownership of the brand, there is need to register a trademark. Consumers therefore use the trademark to identify or refer to the product. Uniqueness is a basic requirement in selection and design of the trademark. Similarities of the trademark selected with any other registered mark disqualifies the trademark from use or registration. Relevance to the product is one of the major factors that the product manufacturer should consider when designing the desired trademark. The process of registering a trademark requires the assistance of an attorney. This is however not a requirement by the registering agents but comes in handy to ensure the due process is followed to the letter. Attorneys who offer this service are fully trained lawyers with experience in handling registration processes hence expertise in offering the required guidance.
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Before filing for registration a search for the symbol or name used is conducted extensively. The search process takes place in the office of the registering agency were already registered trademarks and the desired one are compared to ensure there is no similarity. Where a similar trademark is found to have been used, the product owner is required to make appropriate changes to give it uniqueness and create a difference with the existing ones.
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The cost of trademark registration varies between states. Other factors such as attorney fees also affect the overall cost of the process and this varies between the attorneys. Irrespective of the period for which the trademark will be in use, the fee applied is only at the time of registration. As the basic form of identification, the trademark registration process takes time. The applicant is therefore required to keep constant touch with the agency on regular updates on the state of the application. By use of the platforms provided by the registering agency, the applicant has the opportunity to keep constant follow-up of the process to its finalization. Products in the market are identified through use of the trademark used in its registration. Registration process is therefore of much importance to the product as well as the product owner alongside the projected consumers. With guidelines for registration clearly outlined, it is of importance to ensure they are followed to the letter to ensure success of the process. Where necessary, there is need to seek guidance to ensure a smooth and convenient process.