Dos and Don’ts of Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is a big decision for many. While some people like to buy cars for passion, it is a necessity for many. While many go for first-hand cars, others find buying a used car a better option.

In any case, there are certain things to keep in mind before buying a car and when one wants to buy a used car; he or she should take care of many things.


If you are also planning to buy a used car anytime soon, here are some dos and don’ts that you should consider before purchasing one.



  • Much before you set out for a hunt for the perfect used car, you are supposed to do your homework. Surf the internet and look for the best cars. Look for the deals that garner you immense profit.


Many people shy away from trusting a new dealer, but a new dealer can actually offer the deal of your life. The new dealers get fantastic trade-ins and then sell the cars themselves. The new dealers also provide certified used cars along with the warranty. Bear this in mind.


Do not keep yourself from negotiating. You can take a friend along with you who is good at negotiating deals. Remember, you are investing in a used car to benefit yourself, make the most of it by negotiating and getting the best deals.


Before you pay for the car, make sure you have gotten it checked by the mechanic. Ask the mechanic to check the car thoroughly and pay only if your mechanic gives you a nod.


Trust on your own financing. Try to finance your new buy from your bank. Do not rely on the dealer’s financing.


Do not forget to test drive the used car before you pay for it.



  • Do not buy a car from anywhere. If you see used cars for sale nearby, do not jump to fetch the deal. Buy car only from an authorized dealer.


Do not believe in every term or policy attached with the sale of the car. The three day return policy is no less than a scam. Once you pay for the car and sign all the important documents, you are legally the owner of the car.


Revealing trade-in is the biggest no-no. You can reveal the trade-in only after you are done with the negotiation.

You must not pay for the add-ons. If the dealer asks you to pay for the other things like protective coating or credit life insurance, say a clear no. Also, do not pay made-up fees for instance conveyance fees. Paying for all these things is a total waste of money.


Buying a used car from used car lots is a big mistake. You might get a second-rate used car.


Many people bargain from list price down. This is the wrong way to negotiate for the used car. Always play your cards from realistic price up. The online price that you checked is the best price to begin the bargain.

Keep in mind above-mentioned Dos and Don’ts when buying a used car and make a smart decision.