BMX Bike Maintenance

We often do is to double or even disregard for safety and fertility on the regeneration of your bicycle, after we use usually we just put it in the barn even just let piled d warehouse, in which case it would be fatal if you continue to be a person who does not know even not want to know, indifferent to pamper your bike.

Sometimes bike also needs to be pampered or a note on her health.Foe more information, you can visit bicycle trailers for sale.

Usually, many of us who often play bikes (BMX) at a time when the weather was so not supported (rain) only because of feelings we are eager to play bmx although the weather was so bad, it did not denied many side effects that will be caused by things.

The indeed all effect to those not directly we feel the effects or symptoms, yet very definite symptoms will arise with the passing of time, starting from the chain dry, rust that envelops the sidelines bars on our bikes we find difficult to reach, the emergence of sound chirp at the bar bike handlebar, or even to become an obstacle to the pace of the bike because the rust spots, It axles to note what when you have after playing in the rain.

Here are tips to simple but useful for your bike:

It the first time after you play bike (BMX) in the rain as the example of the above is: Wash your bicycle with water pam or other water except for rain water, rinse until that are difficult to reach on the bike to make bad odds rust the missing.

  • Give shampoo or soap in order to clean our bikes and more fragrant course.
  • Once clean and dry, give oil to lubricate the chain and, balkup, axles, etc., that need to be given a lubricant.

If you often play in the area of dirt jump you must often pay attention to the sand that enters into balkup, axles, lakher, comp pelk, so pobud in the clear, if you prefer to play in the street, noticed the damage arising from the failure of the tricks that you often do, the latter must check in routine least once a week or after application.

Actually there are many ways to keep all of our bikes for pobud stability awake condition, perhaps so that I share to all of you, i am aware you also must have its own way to preserve or maintain your bike properly, then hurry pobud patient and keep your bike as well as possible.